This is a chair dissimilated from the Ming Dynasty's Southern Official's Hat Chair. Through the use of computer software, this chair is being “deconstructed”, so that its eventual new organic structure is created through the conjunctions of its curved surfaces. These unique features are derived from a complex, uncontrollable and illogical process. During the 3D(digital) modelling stage, its three dimensonal form's surfaces are only to be determined by sending the G-coding to CNC enchancement centre. The chair's origin of life comes from its design, and how it will ultimately evolve into, will depends on the algorithm. The final form of the chair will exist in the three dimensional space, but its unpredictable nature will expand into the four dimensional space.



Zhou Leijie curved surface studio was established in 2020,whose main research interest is dissimilated organic structures. Based on basic logical framework, through the use of data acquisition, computer simulation, G-coding, and CNC enchancement, a series of unpredictable natures come out, which is our perception of the world.